Why Do People Trust
Al Amaya To Quench Their Thirst?

Lowest sodium content

Health is something we care about. That’s why we curate the water with the lowest sodium content.

Filtered and purified

We pass our water through a plethora of filtration stages before undergoing its purification process.


Blended with balanced minerals, our packaged drinking water is the preferred option for drinking and cooking.

100% Assured Quality

Quality is something we never compromise with. We deliver the best quality drinking water to consumers.
Our Story
Al Amaya, born and brought up in the UAE, is a booming bottled water brand with a mission to provide the purest drinking water to consumers.
With the goodness of purity and natural minerals, we have been creating a benchmark in the bottled water trading industry.
The experts at Al Amaya strive to maintain the equilibrium of minerals in their bottled water to ensure a healthier and hydrated world.
A Message From Director
"Purity is the utmost thing that one can’t compromise with when it comes to packaged drinking water. We at Al Amaya understand it well. And that’s why we strive to supply the finest quality mineral water across the UAE”

Sujatha Reddy

Managing Director

What Makes Al Amaya
Mineral Water Healthy?

We ensure to maintain the equilibrium in the proportion of all the essential minerals in our mineral water.

Low Sodium

Sodium if consumed in a minimal amount plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of your nerves and muscles. We make sure to do it.


Ever thought about what’s responsible for 300 biochemical reactions in our body? It’s magnesium, a macro vital mineral that boosts immunity.


A vital source of nutrition that strengthens bones, teeth, and the nervous system, calcium protects you from deficiencies like osteoporosis and arthritis.


Potassium is an essential mineral for regulating fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals. Al Amaya’s bottled drinking water has a sufficient amount of it.
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Cash on Delivery
Purest Water
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Bottled Water Delivery & Service

We assure the purity of our packaged drinking water by passing the raw water through all the stages of quality check.
  • Hygenic and Ergonomic Bottles
  • Free Delivery On Weekends
  • 5 Steps Filtration Plants
  • Best For Health & Hydration

Contact Information

  • Direct Number: +971-4-554-8229
  • Mobile Number: +971-52-388-4739
  • WhatsApp Number: +971-52-566-7857
  • Office Address : Abstract Business Center
    Office Number – 511 – Cabin Number :16
    5th Floor,Stadium Point Apartment’s - Sports City – P.O.Box No: 29903
    Dubai, UAE
  • E-mail: info@alamaya.ae
  • Al Amaya Mineral Water Trading Company L.L.C
    Monday - Friday 9 am to 7 pm Local UAE Time

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